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Canada Refuses to Contribute to the IMF 2
Neoteroi Poihtes 10
Re: Turks suck off other pigs 4
Turkish Democracy 2
Another Socialis(PASOK)t Failure? 28
I am selling some used voip phones on ebay( Seanus) 4
Israel Accused of Ramming Cyprus Aid Boat 2
Greece PSI Participation Will Be Too Low, ECB Says 2
I wonedr what ADR/Roubini will have to say now that things took a turn he couldn 4
VERY simple comparisons show the Vardarskians speak Bulgarian. 2
Tear gas? Woof! It's Sausage the Athens riot dog 3
Re: Clobbered Psychopath Sean Ruttledge is Bleeding, AGAIN!! LOL! 5
Lete o Seanie na Einai Valtos gia tin Apostetharopoiisi tis Perioxis? 4
Simitis predicts increased pressure on Turkey 2
Gogu pimps child prostitutes in Backward grease 3
Why did gogu dissapear for two weeks ? 2
Seanie takes it raw typical Brit. 3
Is this the begining of recognition for TRNC(KKTC)? 5
A Beautiful Touching Song 2
Re: Asshole Ruttledge™ to be Convicted soon! LOL 2
Gul: We are in Cyprus Forever! Greek Cypriots sovereignty was taken from them. 3
Park and fly 11
Cyprus should have bean allowed to even dream to be a member of the European uni 5
Unemployed Henrietta TROLLING and FLAMING scg and other ngs ;-) 2
Στην Ελλάδα δεν έχουμε 2
Islam As A Monotheistic Faith 3
Portugal - Another country down the road of economic decay and desperation 3
Eli Grubman loves my cock. 2
Seanus thi lazi und stupid terk, the Al Qaeda terorista is troling again. 2
ECHR Finds Turkey Guilty in 20 more Cases!!! 6