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Palestinians are at a loss to describe this latest catastrophe. International ci 2
I liked THIS bit 2
Seanie PWN-ed and HUMILIATED on Usenet ;-))) 3
"Απολύσεις και Ορθοδοξ\xCE\xAFα 3
Greece get another "MAULING" national SHAME on the increase 2
Public Sector Salaries 2
Greece, a cesspool of "businessmen" paedophiles 6
Missing List of Names Widens Greek Political Fissure 4
Re: Asshole Ruttledge™ welcomes assbandit choro and chorosick 2
Kudos to the Turku Police, teaching grik scum and assorted mud people t civiliz 2
New Joiner Here 2
The rise of idiocy in Greece and the disintegration of the Greek state 2
Turkey, the Scum Bucket of Humanity 2
Calling Mitsos 7
O Seanie πηρε τσιμπουκι το Vasif 5
Time To Deport Those Who Don't Respect Greece 4
"Dirty Trick" Greek, getmetickets.NET CON WARNING ! 6
Greece protests US visit to Turkish-Cypriots 2
Art dealer returns Greek Sculpture 3
Ετυμολογία της λέξεως "'Αγιος" 6
Re: PING Gogu Golanule Costas Costica Constantin Brincoveanu Ghica 3
Greece vs Spain Basketball Head-To-Head History 3
Το «πικρό ποτήρι» της Εξέλιξης 2
Re: Dumb Grik Nazi Roman in Ecstasy: UK's Labor Party Headed by a Jew 2
For poster A: his ardent desire for a euro failure receive one more punch; -) 4
Tracing Father 15
Δεκεμβριανά XI 2
Turkish-"Jews"(?)The Troll & Greek - Hater "Iamhere" aka " Moishe" aka . aka 7
The IMF report, the competitiveness of the country and sustainability of debt - 2