Da Hui the wanker from Honolulu

Group about Greeks

Hui Huuuuu a sound made by retarded tURKISH assholes with huge shnozzes
choro-nik is a kolomoyris?mouhahahahahahahaha
WTF is a Kolomoyris?
I think it's got do something with Centaur exposing his butt-cheeks...
Wie jämmerlich Sie Sie alte senile arme Imitation eines Mannes
Ich bedauere wirklich Sie, ein Schritt weg von Ihrem Grab und noch
die Ausgaben Ihres ganzen Tages absendend rassistische, antihellenische
Mitteilungen darauf
Usenet! Erbärmlicher, erbärmlicher ... und so homo l-) freundlich
How's the boyfriend in Cairo, Aisha? You still remember him fondly, I take

Tell us old girl, tell us about your fond memories of Cairo. Tell us about
the Arabist in you. Tell us about your anti-US and anti-CIA activities. Did
they really do you in Aisha? Is that why you have turned against your own
country? Is that why you fled to Communist Hungary?

And what did you expect when you finally return to the USA? To become a

Instead I guess you couldn't get a decent job because you could never get
security clearance because you were blacklisted by the CIA and the FBI and
now you have had to resort to selling your services off to any bidder as a
$5 hack.

Tell me Aisha, what nick do you use in posting other people's works onto
anti-US NGs? Oh, I don't much care for Bush either but your anti-US
vehemence is in a different category.

Tell me Aisha of your woes. How you left it too late to apply for a position
with Milosevic's cronies, how your life has always been one of missing the
train, missing the gravy-boat. See what you've done to yourself old girl?
Tell me what have you achieved so far during your miserable life here on
earth? You are a sextegenerian now, aren't you? What have you achieved
during those sixty plus years other than becoming a failure in everything
you put your hand to?

Oh, I know old girl, sometimes your hand goes 'there' as well. But tell me
apart from that just what have you achieved in life apart from becoming very
successful at becoming a social misfit?


PS= RomanII is just another nick used by this born American anti-US social 
misfit I am talking about above whose only claim to being American is that 
she was born there, the daughter of an Iraqi Kurdish illegal and a Swedish 
trollop .
Hmmmm..... aren't you Turks bored by now with imitating human beings?
wont make it in the EU like that. Hardly anybody takes your bad
at face value. It's obviously not that easy for you monkeys to imitate
humans! <BG>
A s**tface like Seanie & Co;-)
What a BRAVE little freak you are today Kostas gogu Papafloratos

I'm going to really enjoy wrenching your arms off, little freak

Posta again as Pantsa


Use you Anon remailers BRAVE grik wanker
ﻡжiЯפ Я ©®@ρ, a full-blown psychopath, as you can see, writes:

<snip the usual garbage>

Boy, you are obviously BLEEDING!!!!! LMAO! 

What a delirious, abused nutter you are now! 

But I'm glad you helped us all destroy successfully on Usenet any
reputation Turkey might have! 


F'up to alt.asshole.sean-ruttledge
Arschgesicht Seanie