Feeling Sorry for GAYson, from JJ

Group about Greeks

HILARIOUS message just received from our comrade in Germany, J J

Now is the time to run and hide if your name is Jason K Lambrou or "Peters I's
one HOE" or Sgt Streaker or Kollon-Ello Give-Ass



"Dear GAYson, I live in a part of Germany where DSL isn't available yet. I 
have been thinking a lot about how nasty I was towards you and feel very 
sorry for bitchslapping you all the time. I really am sorry it all went so 
horribly wrong for you and you had to go on vacation for two/three weeks to 
recover. I am also sorry that I made you look like a troll and an idiot in 
front of your fellow Greeks.

I really shouldn't have called you an old senile fool, an idiot, an Ouzo 
gazzling drunken bum, a GAY son of a GAY father and all those other nasty 
things. I am sorry for telling the truth about you.

I have written a new song called "Feeling Sorry". I hope you like it.

PS: I am sending this post through Seanie because where I live in Germany 
there is no DSL connection as yet. But soon I'll be able to come back to SCG 
and keep you company. :-)

PPS: Have you learned proper Eeeengleesh yet, you ouzo gazzling senile old 

Sung to the tune of Israelites.
[Originally by JJ]

Title: Feeling sorry.

Get up in the morning, feeling sorry for GAYson, sir
Macedonia is lost and Cyprus might be too
uuuuuuu, uuuuuuuuu poor GAYsonite.

Get up in the morning, feeling sorry for GAYson, sir
He can’t win a single fight, never mind two
Aha, aha poor GAYsonite. Aaaaaaaaah

Sorry your wife and kids they up’ed and left you
Gayson, she said, I wanna marry a Turk too
Aha, aha poor GAYsonite.

Sorry Cyprus is a-torn up, Macedonia gone too
You never wanted to end up a loser and cry
Buhu, buhu  poor GAYsonite.

After a storm there must be a calm
Sorry, not for Gayson
He ends up in a funny-farm
Poor a-poor a-poor you Greekaelite.

I said I get up in the morning, feeling sorry for GAYson, sir
But your wife’s with a Turk so that she can be fed.
Aha, aha Poor GAYsonite. Aaaaaaaaah

I said sorry your wife and kids, they up’ed and left you
GAYson, she said, a Turk is far better than you
Aha, aha poor GAYsonite. Aaaaaaaaah

Look, sorry Cyprus is a-torn up, Macedonia gone too
You didn’t want to end up like a Greekling and hide
Aha, aha you poor Greekaelite

After a storm there must be a calm
Sorry, not for Gayson
He ends up in a funny-farm
Poor a-poor a-poor you Greekaelite.

ENJOY. ;-)))))


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Yes, Sean O'Kilfoyle of East london is forging
posts like crazy, using several names and threatening gogu he is so
obsessed with.  He's also making his usual unfounded accusations calling
him a Romanian Jew,liar,etc. accusing him of forgeries and other insane
This is what untreatable impotency does to some men.  Several people on
soc.culture turkish NG think he's become unhinged or OD'ing on drugs.
Although he fakes
headers, ANYTHING with hercules.btinternet.com 1104679060 9631
is from Sean O'Kilfoyle,Sean Ratledge Yavrukurt,Turkish Retard of
Northern Cyprus JJ -
usually passing as a turk retard named Mark Rivers

Turkish-Republic-of-Northern-Cyprus wrote:He can't write he only copies
from gogu
To post a message in a newsgroup or other online conference in the
hopes that somebody else will consider the original message so
outrageous that it demands a heated reply. A classic example of a troll
is Sean O'Kilfoyle aka Sean Ratledge,Yavrukurt,TRNC Retard,JJ
etc,etc.to post an article in favor of torturing cats in a pet lovers'
newsgroup.How can any decent human being can do that,Jesus this
Seannie/turkeyburger-boy is an animal (que bruto)
hercules.btinternet.com 1104679060 9631 
AOL, http://www.aol.co.uk(are from the same pathetic retard)
Wonder what kind of laughter the "announced one" will exhibit. Maybe he can
even outdo the braying Retarded Northern donkey! <G>
15 Feb 1964 was exactly one and a half months AFTER my house was first 
looted and then set on fire (together with 7 other Turkish Cypriot homes, I 
may add) by Greek irregulars in Cyprus on New Year's Day 1964.
Hehe.... cat got your tongue? Waiting for the courageous J J to help you?

Typical sign of a real loser, trying to find help in Turkish, fascistic