Group about Greeks

Your dad still Alive Solakis ?

Which one of these BRAVE Grik "Surrender Monkeys" is he ?


Was his name YOG as well ?

I'll bet he PWNT you didn't he
Argyros *COCKNEY GREEKCYPRIOT* Argyrou of Northampton writes:

Folks, check, above, lonely, mentally deranged Beanie Tinfoil, talking to
HIMSELF again! (he dares not talk to the REAL Panta Rhei!) LMAO!

This defeated psycho first has to adopt the name of the person that
dominates him (Panta Rhei) in order to be able to TALK to his own
impersonation of Panta Rhei, his master, that scares the shit out of him!

What a pathetic sight you are, Beanie Tinfoil! LMAO!

Your Master

Panta Rhei