"EU opens historic accession talks with Turkey".

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EU opens historic accession talks with Turkey

EUOBSERVER/ LUXEMBOURG - The EU agreed to open accession talks with Turkey 
late on Monday (3 October) evening on what was termed a "truly historic day" 
by UK foreign secretary Jack Straw.

A visibly relieved Mr Straw announced the deal on the negotiating framework 
at a foreign ministers' meeting in Luxembourg, stating "I am very pleased 
that we have reached agreement".

He added that the discussions had been "gruelling".

The British minister said he hoped talks could formally start "before 
midnight" as Turkish foreign minister Abdullah Gul sped toward Luxembourg by 
plane for the ceremony.

European enlargement commissioner Olli Rehn praised the "marvellous effort" 
of the UK presidency that successfully steered the difficult talks between 
member states on the one hand and Ankara on the other.

Mr Rehn joked that the more than 30 hours of almost non-stop discussions had 
put everyone's "absorption capacity" to the test - referring to a key clause 
in the negotiating framework on the EU's capacity to welcome new members.

Following intense Austrian pressure, the issue of the EU's absorption 
capacity has been further highlighted in the negotiation principles as one 
condition for Turkey to eventually enter the EU.

But Vienna's attempt to take out the term "accession" as the goal of the 
negotiations failed.

"The shared objective of the negotiations is accession", the text clearly 
states, despite Austria's campaign for the document to stipulate a looser 
partnerhip as an alternative outcome.

Meanwhile, Cyprus secured a clause stating that Turkey should align its 
policies regarding international organisations towards that of the EU 
"including in relation to the membership by all EU member states of those 

The clause effectively obliges Turkey to stop blocking Cypriot membership of 
international bodies.

All in all, member states secured a considerable toughening-up of the 
negotiation framework, but Turkey managed to hold on to the substance of the 
text, being a clear roadmap to future EU membership.

Ties since 1963

The UK presidency will welcome Turkish foreign minister Abdullah Gul when he 
lands in Luxembourg on Monday night, having prepared an opening statement 
for the offical launch of the accession conference.

The statement recalls the close ties between Ankara and Brussels since 1963 
when Turkey first signed a customs agreement with the then European 

EU leaders in Helsinki formally declared Turkey a candidate state in 1999.

Mr Straw said Turkey would face a "long road ahead" towards membership 
however, with the accession talks expected to last at least ten years.
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