Group about Greeks

Hey gogu the beating "Abuse Report" plaintif

Two can play at YOUR silly game



Your suffering hasn't even begun yet my little cornered BEAST
King Seanie, MASTER of all grik slaves, a full-blown psychopath, as you can
see, writes:

<snip the poor psychopath's usual sick garbage>

<BG> You poor, little idiot!! BTW, retarded Turk!!! Don't even DREAM about
it that you could escape me! I'll be on the lookout for you in these groups
and kick you around the moment you dare to reappear!!!!
My Yahoo! account is perfect, thank you, Seanie is just trying his usual
nazi Turkish LIES!
Oh well, he is one of those nazi Turks after all, so LIES are expected;-)
He is just frustrated that he failed once again to find my real details, so 
I understand his furious reaction, he's again defeated the poor Turkish 
gogu writes:

Well, everyone who has come across a few of his posts knows his suffering
and his lies with which he tries to make himself feel a bit better! LOL I
don't think it's even necessary to point out his lies! It's always implied
that ANYTHING he says is utter garbage! LOL 

Trolls would be ashamed being called trolls if this lame, despaired thing
(dumb Weenie Beanie) were considered being a troll! LOL
That's right!
He is just trying to hide his frustration and the fact he was beaten again.
And again and again and again and...;-)
It's obvious that I have inflicted immense pain to him, I am almost sorry 
for that!

Quite true.
But I really enjoy how desperate he is for some attention and how he tries 
with his usual nazi Turkish LIES to make it less painful for him;-)
Poor, defeated bastard, I almost feel pity for his sorrowful a**!...
It seems that TROLLS like him never learn...
gogu writes:

They can't because guys like him suffer from real, factual, mental
diseases! No doubt about that in the case of poor, dumb Weenie Beanie! And
this sick idiot fights for the "Turkish cause" in these groups!!! Poor 
Turkey! Bruahahahahaaaa....